Creepy Tribal Creatures

Wendigos and skinwalkers have crept in on tribal psyches for generations. Many stories about these mysterious beings have plagued the imaginations for generations, steeped in taboo, superstition, and traditional beliefs.


Wendigos, spelled as wiindigoo in Ojibwe, are evil spirits found in Algonquin oral tradition. It’s depicted as a malevolent with humanoid characteristics who may invoke strong malevolent behavior and vices, such as greed and destruction. Wendigos are said to be found in forests or near towns in Nova Scotia, the East Coast of Canada, and the Great Lakes Region of North America.

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Skinwalkers, or yee naaldlooshii, are found in Navajo oral traditions. They are said to be harmful witches in disguise, and are connected with death and horrible omens. How do they disguise themselves? By shapeshifting into animals It’s said they appear at any time of the day, but are strongly associated with witchcraft. Skinwalker stories can be told by elders and parents, but are sometimes told by big kids to scare their younger siblings and cousins. Skinwalker encounters can happen anywhere, like in a forest, at home inside a hogan, and while out driving on empty roads at night. Yikes!

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