We filled you in on the general social media accounts we have, but told you there’d be more. From our CEO and president’s to our tech-only focused accounts to our educator-centered accounts and more (yes, more), check out our accounts on different platforms and follow us! Twitter @7GenGamesEd– On this account, we tweet […]

More Social Media For Your Soul

It’s a madhouse out there! Even if you don’t have a TV, you can’t escape all of the outrageous headlines and “scratch your head” moments that flood your computer screen, phone or tablet. From the childish antics in politics, to the rude, offensive figures in pop-culture, it seems like the […]

Hear About Our World Domination Plans – And New Podcast!

We’re starting a new series of videos called: Characters Behind the Characters, spotlighting the talent behind the people who bring life to our games. Today we’re diving into Forgotten Trail and bringing you an introduction with the lovely and talented Julia de Mars. Julia provides the voice for the lead […]

Characters Behind The Characters: Julia de Mars