Characters Behind The Characters: Julia de Mars 1

We’re starting a new series of videos called: Characters Behind the Characters, spotlighting the talent behind the people who bring life to our games. Today we’re diving into Forgotten Trail and bringing you an introduction with the lovely and talented Julia de Mars.

Julia provides the voice for the lead character Angie, a young girl who decides to follow in her Ojibwe ancestors footsteps, and walk halfway across the country.

Julia gives some insight into the challenges and obstacles Angie faces both in the game and being an average high school kid.

Hear what she has to say:

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One thought on “Characters Behind The Characters: Julia de Mars

  • Elaine

    Awesome! I love seeing Julie! I nicknamed her Jumping Julie in honor of her soccer passion and gift for humor on camera. Thank you Julie for doing this for your Mom and family! Keep up the good work (: