Maria Burns Ortiz

It’s a madhouse out there! Even if you don’t have a TV, you can’t escape all of the outrageous headlines and “scratch your head” moments that flood your computer screen, phone or tablet. From the childish antics in politics, to the rude, offensive figures in pop-culture, it seems like the […]

Hear About Our World Domination Plans – And New Podcast!

Last month the 7 Generation Games team attended the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE) 2016 conference in San Francisco, CA. As part of our presence there, our CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz and educator Jovi Buendia, presented a proposal entitled: Educational Games for ELL: State of the Art. The talk […]

CABE 2016 – Educational Games for ELL: State of the ...

    The digital divide is a frequent topic of conversation around the 7 Generation Games offices. The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have regular computer/Internet access and those who don’t. The subject came to the forefront again recently after an article in USA Today, that […]

The Digital Divide: Creating Technology For The Millions In America ...