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We care about delivering the digital tools necessary for academic success in elementary and middle schools serving Indigenous and Latino communities.

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Our Founders Share their Stories

The 7 Generation Games founders Dr. AnnMaria De Mars and Maria Burns Ortiz share their experiences in tech entrepreneurship, fundraising, startups and running a software company serving Indigenous and Latino students who are building a foundation of skills grounded in STEM.

A Proven Track Record

  • Our tools are proven to improve student math scores with our educational games with data-driven results.
  • We’ve formulated culturally appropriate education content and resources for students and teachers with the help of our tribal consultants.
  • Customized software development
  • We have trained >800 teachers in Growing Math, our federally funded project.
  • We have cultivated relationships with tribal members and Latino communities.

Current Activities

7 Generation Games delivered digital solutions for issues seated in remote and hybrid rural education since the start of the pandemic.

  • Offering remote and hybrid math games and digital resources in response to Covid-19 pandemic, delivered through our federally funded project, Growing Math
  • Addressing math study solutions for students without internet
  • Offering game development courses as a fun, early introduction to the field of tech
  • Focusing on Latino and indigenous communities with demonstrated deficits in test scores, funding, and resources

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