Game Design Class Pt. 4: What’s left?

So, we’ve covered design, art, sound, coding, and management.

What could possibly be left?

“Games are never finished, they’re just abandoned.”

One of the most accomplished game developers I ever met told me that.

What he meant was that there is always some way you could make your game better.

To tell you the truth, I still have SO many ideas for every single game we have in the app store, the Microsoft Store or Google Play.

Game Design Class: Day 9

There are two parts to Day 9, the second-to-last day of the class.

The first part is doing our famous Game Design Cards, where you get a deck of cards and you have to complete each one making a recommendation for a game character.

You are going to take each part of a game — character, environment, challenges — and make it better.

Communication: Explain yourself!

Now that you have written down your suggestions on what should be improved, you’re going to meet with the software development team to explain your suggestions.

No matter how clear you think your idea is in your brain, it’s probably going to take some talking it through for the developers to know exactly what you mean.

“You said that the player should be able to use the money they earned in the game to buy a pet. What kind of pet? A dog? Cat? Monkey? Would the pet have certain animations, like walking or jumping, or would it just sit there?”


  • Good communication is important within a game design team, whether or not your developer meetings take place in-person or online.
  • Communication helps a team work better together.
  • Be prepared for others to suggest improvements to your own suggestions and designs!

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