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It feels as if almost everyone is on social media these days. Whether it’s your friend’s 80-something-year-old grandmother on Facebook or the four-year-old daughter of one of our co-founders who has her own yoga Instagram account, social media is a manageable tool for most.

It’s also an invaluable tool for businesses. It provides instant feedback and extends your reach to various audiences. As an ed tech company, we’re aware of all these things and are here to tell to follow us! We have a presence on your favorite social media sites. Check out our different accounts below:


On our Facebook account, we post links to our blogs, some of the artwork from our games, and you can even watch videos like this of Dr. AnnMaria sitting in her car in -15 degree weather in North Dakota. Besides, it gives your timeline a break from all those obnoxious political posts and rants.

Friend us: 7GenerationGames


Has political fatigue caused you to quit Facebook? No worries! We’re also on
. Here we share a lot of the same things you’d find on our Facebook account so you won’t suffer from FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Follow us: @7GenGames


Are you the less is more type? Do you prefer a world where people are limited to 140 characters? We cater to your needs too. On our official Twitter account, you get a quick blurb and a link to all the cool stuff we share. Plus, we also retweet other ed tech companies who are doing their part in making the world a smarter place so one day tolerating more than 140 characters can be possible!

Tweet us: @7GenGames


Our YouTube channel is such an important tool for us. On it, we share snippets from our games and some pretty hilarious/mortifying videos of our co-founders providing tips on different topics including 7 Things to Never Say to Your Boss.

Check us out: 7 Generation Games


Pinterest is great for those who love to compartmentalize and we are supportive of that! On Pinterest, we have 24 boards and over 250 pins that show the evolution of our games and designs.

Pin Us: 7 Gen Games


It’s what all the kids are doing so we listened to our interns! Check us out on Snapchat where you can get a glimpse into our days at 7 Generation Games.

Snap Us: sevgeninterns

Google Plus

Do you just want to hang out sometimes? We can do that too. On our Google Plus account, you can also find videos relating to our games and you’ll even learn how many people a turkey or a deer can feed! #lifelessons

Hang out: 7 Generation Games


TeacherTube is an excellent resource for educators. You can access lots of videos and ideas for free! Check out the different videos on our channel that focus on everything from math terms to fractions.

Find us: 7 Generation Games

Those are the social media accounts for our general profiles. Can’t get enough? You’re in luck. We have even more 7 Generation Games accounts we think you should follow! See more here.

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