Freebie Friday: AzTech Lessons with Timelines -Videos

Happy Friday!

We know most of you are ready to kickstart your Super Bowl 50 weekend, with parties and lots food. Before you start the festivities, we want to share with you today’s freebie that comes straight from our soon-to-be-released, AzTech Games. As school testing on AzTech continues, we hope to be able to soon share a beta version with some lucky members of the 7 Generation Games community.

The game of AzTech begins when two students are kidnapped and taken back in time to the Mayan empire. They need to find their way back to Iowa in 2015, learning about their history and statistics along the way. Since time is a key component of the gameplay, understanding eras and timelines is important to advance further in the game.

With that in mind, today’s freebie’s are videos explaining how to use a timeline and how to solve timeline problems with B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). The three videos:  “How to Solve Timeline Problems with B.C.E.”, “A Lesson on Timelines” and “Using Timelines with B.C.E.“, play before challenge levels in the game. Each video explains the different uses of ‘timeline’ and how math can be used to discover the number of years between different dates/eras.


clip-art-football-xTgRXdqTAAdditionally, today through Monday, February 8th, get 50% off 7 Generation Games using the discount code: SB50.  If you’ve been curious about trying our games or know a child who would benefit from playing and learning about math and history, don’t miss out on this amazing sale! Just go right here to make your purchase!




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