Freebie Friday: Introducing Distributions – Video

It’s Friday and we have another freebie for you!

With the end of another busy and exciting week here at 7 Generation Games, we’re happy to say that we have a playable version of our newest game, AzTech.  School testing has started this week and soon we hope to be able to share a beta version with some lucky members of the 7 Generation Games community.

As a sneak peek of what to expect, we’re sharing with you a video directly pulled from the game. The video “Introducing Distributions” plays before a challenge leading you into the jungle. With the use of graphs and charts, the video explains what ‘distribution’ is and how to it applies to finding items to bring the marketplace.

The game of AzTech begins when two students are kidnapped and taken back in time to the Mayan empire. They need to find their way back to Iowa in 2015, learning about their history and statistics along the way. AzTech will be our first bilingual game, as well as our first game for the iPad.

Additionally, don’t forget about our 7 Generation Games YouTube channel which has many informative videos, covering everything from history, culture and math.

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