A Teacher’s Point of View: That’s Mrs. Data Collection and Management Specialist to You!

Annie Hammond offers insight from an educator’s perspective on educational gaming.
I recently saw a cartoon on social media that read, “I used to tell people I was a teacher. Now I prefer the title Data Collection and Management Specialist. It’s much more accurate.” This could not be closer to the truth, especially in today’s data driven education phenomenon.


Lesson plans, grading, and meetings, oh my…and don’t forget about actually teaching the students! Teachers are also expected to add data analyzing to their never ending “to do” list. For the state, the school, or someone sitting in an office somewhere, teachers are now having to keep track of data and scores on specific assessments for a certain amount of times throughout the year. Phew, I’m just exhausted writing about it!

But wait, what if an amazing company like 7 Generation Games could provide some data for you? Say what? It’s pretty hard to believe, but yes, this company can take one “to do” off your list.
When a game is purchased, the pre and post tests are also included. Students will first take the pre-test, and the results are automatically sent to the company. Then, the students will play the amazing game (while learning at the same time!). At the end, the students will take the post-test, and the results will again be sent to 7 Generation Games.
How are the student scores distinguished? Well, each student has his/her own username, so the data is compared and organized by that. Finally, when requested, 7 Generation Games can send you the report that analyzed the data. And poof – you now have some analyzed data.


What about benchmark testing you ask? Oh, yeah, they can take that off of your “to do” list as well. Teachers can use the test as a benchmark baseline. Students can take the test at the beginning of the year, mid-year, and at the end of the year. The data provided from 7 Generation Games, allows teachers to monitor the growth of the students in a specific area over a period of time.

Pretty amazing, right? Yep, that’s 7 Generation Games. Yes, the heart of all they do is for the students, but if they can help out the teacher at the same time, they love that too!



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