Freebie Friday: Video and Powerpoint for fractions on a number line

Number line with milestones every hour

Earlier this week, I talked about the difficulty of coming up with math problems and examples that interest students. There are, however, two sentences that I would bet most children have uttered at least once by the time they turn 11 years old:

Are we there yet?


It’s not fair!

NOTE: As a statistician by training, I have also noticed a correlation between punctuation other than a period and student interest.

Another interesting side note: We developed our games by asking teachers what they did not like about existing games, very often we got responses like this:

What I HATE HATE HATE about the games kids use is that they don’t teach anything the student doesn’t already know! What if they miss the stupid problem on finding half of 42? They just get another problem! That doesn’t teach them anything!

Our Chief Marketing Officer is reminding me to get to the free part.  Here it is, for today. Check back next week for more.


We feel your pain! These are examples of what students encounter in the game when they get a problem wrong.

Video clip explaining what is a half, with examples of fractions on a number line, and using your knowledge of one-half in traveling.

(Students can select this video from the “Learn more” page they get routed to when they miss a problem on finding half of something.)

If you would like to download the power point used here for teaching with your students and maybe even modify it yourself, feel free. It’s on our Fish Lake Teacher Resources page under math resources. Scroll to the bottom to find it.

Here is even a pdf of it in case you don’t have Powerpoint installed on your computer.

We give these resources away free because we think you will like them and start to wonder, “If their free stuff is this good, what is their paid content like?”

Answer: It’s awesome.

By the way, we have donations from wonderful, generous people to provide games free to Title I schools. If you qualify, please email



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