GES 2017: Our Road from Indian Country to India, the Country

small town in ND on lake

Spirit Lake in Indian Country.

You never know where your startup will take you. 7 Generation Games was first born as a concept to help close the math gap among students in Indian Country, with our first schools and initial satellite office on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation. Now, we’re in programs across the country and, with a full-fledged and growing company, I’ll be heading to actual India for a week in November.

I was one of the U.S. entrepreneurs selected to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India. The annual event, hosted this year by the U.S. and Indian governments, brings together entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers from around the world – 160 countries! – to help innovators “take their ideas to the next level.”

Hyderabad in India, the country. (Public Domain)

What made the event even more attractive to me was this year’s there is “Women First, Prosperity for All.” Considering that we’re a women-led company that is seeking to close the education gap – especially when it comes to underserved communities – this is something we live every day at 7 Generation Games.

The summit comes at a perfect time as we’re rolling out our bilingual games and looking more seriously than ever at international expansion. As with everything in building your business, you don’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey, it’s Tuesday. I think I’ll go global with my company.” It’s a long and involved process, and I feel fortunate to have an opportunity like this to gain valuable knowledge and connections.

Plus, I get to go to India – how awesome is that?!

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