Get Ready For Camp!

For kids, summer vacation is about being carefree. But for parents, the months off may be cause for concern.

Studies have shown that most students lose the equivalent of two months of math skills over the summer. Lower income students also lose two months of reading skills over the break.

When kids are not engaged in educational or learning activities, they begin to lose skills and knowledge. This isn’t just anecdotal – it’s supported by more than 100 years of research!

To combat this problem, 7 Generation Games is launching “Camp Don’t Get Dumber Over Summer.” We’re looking to turn two months of losing into two months of learning.

The free site launches June 22 and will feature educational videos, learning activities, games and more with an emphasis on math and history as well as reading and writing. The goal is to provide students with fun ways to prevent the backward slide that summer brings.

Camp Don’t Get Dumber Over Summer will offer sites aimed at both kids (grades 3-6) and teens (grades 7-12). New content will be added weekly.

Summer learning loss impacts all students, with lower income students being hit the hardest. Because we want to eliminate income barriers, any student who participates in our online camp program will be eligible to demonstrate what they’ve learned and earn a free copy of one of 7 Generation Games’ games once a month. Games can still also be purchased through our site.

“It’s a well-documented fact that students go backward in math skills over the summer, and the less advantaged a student is, the more ground he or she loses. What better use could a statistician make of time than trying to reverse that decline by making more awesome than watching daytime TV?” 7 Generation Games CEO Dr. AnnMaria De Mars said. “You only get one life and I decided I wanted to spend mine making math more accessible to everyone.”

Camp opens on Monday, June 22, at 3 p.m. ET/noon Pacific. See you there!

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