The Growing Math Resources Library

We have added a Resource Library webpage on our teacher platform, Growing Math. We have also organized the virtual manipulatives page.

What’s in the Resource Library?

Are you looking for something to make your lesson just a little more engaging or to reach that student who didn’t understand the first time? Teachers can now access new lesson plans complete with downloadable slides, accessible videos, and online or downloadable activities. Math video game integration is included! Some teachers are looking for a whole lesson plan. Our resources are also geared toward teachers who have lessons and are just looking for extra resources as a fresh update or experience for their students.

Manipulatives and Cards

Some students learn better when there is a physical component to learning. Manipulatives on our site can be physical objects, like cards, or virtual, with the usage of apps and digital downloadables. Our cards and manipulatives page includes augmented reality apps and the cards to use with them, printable flash cards and online flash-card activities. English, Spanish, Lakota and Dakota languages are supported.

Video Library

Our video library is organized by three topics. Teachers can select a category below to view videos by sub-topics (e.g. fractions or idioms):

Virtual Manipulatives

What can you manipulate online? The Virtual Manipulatives section features two random sample simulators for statistics class and digital graph paper for plotting data and instructions in online charts.

Probability and Fruit

Random sample of fruit and probability – Teachers or students can set the amount of each type of fruit in four baskets for a total of 20 fruits. Students will learn probabilities by clicking to select a random fruit sample from the basket. They can view the probability for the amount of each fruit. Students can learn with this tool individually, in groups, or as a class.

The probability of selecting a peach is 0.25. How can this be expressed in a fraction or percentage? Clicking the Try Again button will pull a new random sample of fruit and list its probability.

Convert a Fraction to a Decimal

Random sample for fractions to convert to decimals – This page generates four random fractions from a bag of 12 pieces of candy for red, green, yellow and purple candy. Students can check their conversion from fraction to decimals by clicking the CHECK button. They click TRY AGAIN to generate a new set of four random fractions.

Colorful candy can be used to teach fraction to decimal conversion in this virtual manipulatives applet.

Weekly Updates

Growing Math is updated each week! Visit us often. Teachers can stay in the loop on Growing Math by contacting us at or with our contact form, with options to ask about training and resources for certain grade levels.

We offer Growing Math Teacher Training as a two-hour Zoom webinar or self-paced, asynchronous training teachers can do on their own time. Contact us here to inquire about joining training or just to get more information.

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