How summer break can make you dumber

For kids, summer vacation is about being carefree. But for parents, the months off may be cause for concern.

Studies have shown that most students lose the equivalent of two months of math skills over the summer. Lower-income students also lose two months of reading skills over the break.

When kids are not engaged in educational or learning activities, they begin to lose skills and knowledge. This isn’t just anecdotal – it’s supported by more than 100 years of research!

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Games to beat the summer slide

Luckily we have the solution! Our educational videogames, learning activities, videos and more -with an emphasis on math and history as well as reading and writing- will help you beat the summer slide.

7 Generation Games makes games that make you smarter. We combine math, history and adventure gaming (you can get them here) to create an environment where you play awesome games and learn math along the way in a real-world context.

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