How to solve a problem: In Spanish and English

Many times, a student understands two-digit multiplication or division with remainders but still has difficulty solving a problem.

math problem

Students need to be taught problem-solving strategies

We all know how it important it is to keep students engaged and that’s why we have lots of free teacher resources for you, including several videos on different techniques of solving a math problem. Perhaps, you have Spanish-speaking students in your class and you don’t speak Spanish at all, or, like me, your Spanish is limited to what was yelled at you  when you were in trouble (all Latinos in America know exactly what I mean). You will also be pleased to know that we have the Spanish version of said videos as well. Today’s video is on making a hard problem into an easier problem.

Problem-solving: Make it an easier problem

This video explains how to break up a problem into two or more parts to make it an easier problem. It also includes clear steps with explanations so you can solve a problem at your own pace.

Problema más fácil

Este vídeo explica cómo quebrar un problema en dos o más partes para hacer el problema más fácil. También incluye los pasos con explicaciones detalladas de cómo resolver este problema a tu propio paso.

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magnets in Spanish

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