I’m radio famous!

Okay, it’s over, you missed hearing me live … I feel your disappointment, so I have linked to the full interview on youtube here. 

A week ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sara Mohsin about our work at 7 Generation Games.

2 microphones

The interview will be on the air on the Mohsin Program this Friday, April 22nd on AM & FM on the stations below

If you are not in Massachusetts or Florida (and don’t even get Maria started on Florida! )  you can tune in online with the links next to each time and station below.


11 am 590AM or weze radio http://www.wezeradio.com/


2:56 pm WTLN/94.9 FM & http://www.wtln.com/

11:58 am 1520wbzw  http://www.1520wbzw.com/schedule


Listen in and tell me what you think. (No cracks about a face made for radio are necessary.)

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