Intern Diaries: Getting Motivated to Learn

It takes a lot and I mean A LOT to get myself motivated to basically do anything as evidenced by the fact that my Motivation Monday is getting published on Saturday.

Why? I don’t know. My mom would also like to know, but sorry it’s just how I’m wired I guess. Or maybe I choose to be lazy, the world may never know. Either way it is difficult to get me to do anything that doesn’t sound like a crazy amount of fun or requires any effort whatsoever.

So now that I have confessed I am a big lethargic slug, how do I get motivated to test 7 Generation Games?

Well, although they are for younger people, they are still pretty entertaining. You get to shoot rabid wolves in self-defense and buffalo for food so that’s fun and it let’s some anger out. I know that the games work to get kids motivated to do math because I hate math and I crush this game no problem with my high school math skills. And I still play it! (It’s been two years since my one and only college math class. My math skills may be below high school level at this point and they may only be above 5th graders because I test these games so much. Hey, these are for ages 8 and UP!)

shooting wolves

You can get Spirit Lake for your Mac or Windows computer. This is me bow-hunting. 

So your next question might be how am I motivated in London with all of these new adventures out there waiting for me? It’s actually been even easier to get motivated to test the games while I’ve been here. It’s been easier to get motivated in general. Everyone is so busy it makes you want to be a part of it. I also love this new place and am happier with my classes now so working hasn’t been a pain as it was when I was in a particular part of the East Coast which shall not be named.

Usually, when you’re happy, genuinely happy and on your own excited for what’s to come instead of in bed all day waiting to get out- everything seems better and easier. That’s because it is! Woo hoo for me! Sorry for you if you’re in a sucky place, but you’ll be outta there in no time trust me. This is my inspirational piece for the day because I am a little worried about my course load, but I won’t let it damper my newfound enthusiasm for learning.

Happiness = Motivated Learners

And that’s what motivation is- a yearnin for learnin. Haha that was bad. But really I think all getting yourself motivated actually takes is wanting better for yourself enough that you enjoy the process of getting there. Games are one way to make learning enjoyable and enjoying learning IS possible.

Take me again for example, I am a horrendous reader, I honestly don’t think I read one book last year even school assigned (don’t tell my mom or school) but I’m actually loving reading on the train. Or trying to since it is too crowded to even get a seat at 8 AM. I went to a bookstore today! I bought Peter Pan so I kind of felt like a baby learning how to read, but who cares! That’s why they are called baby steps. Duh. So if you need some help encouraging yourself or a young kid to do any kind of work, just make it fun.

To start with 7 Generation Games, check out all of the games here.

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