Intern Spotlight: Meet Melvin!

Hello! I’m Melvin, a dedicated coder since my sophomore year in high school. My journey into the digital world extends beyond programming to a love for digital art and music. When I’m not immersed in the world of tech and creativity, you can find me in Minneapolis, MN, enjoying life with my sweet cat, Moonie.

My Role and Path at 7 Generation Games

As a software development intern at 7 Generation Games, my day-to-day activities are a blend of innovation and creativity. I’m deeply involved in working with the blocks platform, where I bring games to life through coding, testing, and infusing them with unique art and music. The diversity of my role allows me to explore different avenues of game development, from initial conception to the final touches that make each game special.

My journey to 7 Generation Games was driven by my quest for an internship that spoke to my heart and skills. The moment I came across 7Gen’s job posting, it resonated with me. Here, I have the opportunity to combine my passions for digital art, music, and coding, creating projects that I am not only excited about but also immensely proud of, like Jazz Math, which is one in our series of Warm-up Games.

Melvin, standing
Black musician playing saxophone, surrounded by many musical notes and instruments

Memorable Moments and Projects

One of my most memorable achievements at 7Gen is the creation of an eco adventure game. This project stands out for me because it was a clear indicator of my growth as a developer. Seeing a substantial leap in the quality of my work from previous projects was both validating and inspiring.

The 7Gen Work Environment

The culture at 7Gen is something I cherish deeply. It’s an environment where everyone is welcoming, and where innovation and dedication to our mission are the driving forces. The safe and open atmosphere allows me and my colleagues to freely express our ideas and work towards our common goals with confidence and support.

My Growth Journey

Working at 7Gen has been a catalyst for both my personal and professional growth. The emphasis on independence and being solution-focused has pushed me to develop my problem-solving skills. I’ve learned that while it’s important to try to find solutions on your own, it’s equally important to provide context and communicate effectively when seeking help or collaborating with colleagues.

Aligning with 7Gen’s Mission

The mission of 7 Generation Games to provide low-cost educational games globally resonates with me on a personal level. Giving back to the community has always been a core value in my life. Knowing that my work contributes to such a meaningful cause gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment each day.

Future Aspirations and Projects

Looking towards the future, I’m particularly excited about the prospect of creating my own block for our games. The idea of designing a trivia game block that incorporates a game show format is something that excites me. It’s a way to add an entertaining twist to educational content, making learning fun and engaging for users.

A Parting Note

Lastly, I invite everyone to experience the games at 7 Generation Games. As someone who’s been involved in their development, I can assure you that they’re not only educational but also incredibly fun. After all, a really great intern (yes, that’s me!) played a key role in bringing them to you!

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