Building 7 Gen Blocks

Eva, Maria and me

At 7 Generation Games, we’ve been busy building, but we also realize what good is something you’ve built if no one knows it exists?

7 Gen Blocks

Our 7 Gen Blocks educational game platform is officially in beta. Using 7 Gen Blocks, even entry level developers can bring multi-level customized educational games to life in weeks not months. We make it possible to make games 4x faster and costing 75% less than other solutions. And it’s not just cheaper and faster, but it produces better outcomes – backed by peer-reviewed research showing kids saw learning outcomes improve 3x over the control group.

We’ve been using this version of the platform in-house, and I’m amazed by how quickly we’re turning around games for our clients – so if you’re looking for a customized learning game and don’t have a dev team, we can create your game for you.

7 Gen Blocks EDU

Meanwhile, our 7 Gen Blocks EDU no-code tool, which is a web-based platform that makes it possible for anyone to create short, engaging, educational games without having to code at all is a finalist for the VITAL Prize, a competition supported by the National Science Foundation, Gates Foundation and others and put on by Digital Promise.

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