Introducing “Strong Body, Strong Mind” With 7 Generation Games

At 7 Generation Games, we don’t believe athletic and academic success are mutually exclusive. We think they should be one in the same. Now, we’re working with youth sports clubs and programs to make that a reality, launching our “Strong Body, Strong Mind” program aimed at kids ages 8-14.

“Strong Body, Strong Mind” is for third through seventh graders who are members of martial arts, strength and conditioning or other sports programs. Participants play their choice of the 7 Generation Games educational games on their iPads, phones or computers. The games teach math, social studies, English and Spanish. Each game takes from one to four hours to complete.

Players who win an entire game receive a certificate of recognition at their gym. A player who completes two games in a month will receive a certificate of achievement. Clubs with 10 or more competitors within a month will make 7 Generation Games “Champions Wall.” 

Every club that signs up will get a welcome pack. Each month, we will send a 7 Generation Games champions’ pack to the club with the highest number of participants and with the highest percentage of players who complete at least two games. Champions’ packs include stickers, pencils, 7 Generation Games hats and other cool items for the students and, for the instructor, a copy of Winning on the Ground (by our founder, AnnMaria De Mars) or My Fight/ Your Fight (by our co-founder/CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz – with Ronda Rousey).

Clubs can also go head-to-head in “tournaments” against other clubs for special prizes.  

Club managers, coaches or parents can sign up by reaching out to to receive a special club rate to receive access to all of 7 Generation Games for all of their athletes, with the entire program starting at just $99 for the entire year.

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