July ’20 – Game Updates

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So we’ve been pretty busy updating our games. We’ve released some updates this month for the following games:

  • Aztech: Meet the Mayas – Our latest iOS version was submitted for review for sale in the App Store. Our dev team applied bug fixes, so now we’re on version 1.2.3. Our devs have also fixed the WebGL of the first jungle game for the web version.
  • AzTech: The Story Begins – We’ve replaced the web version with a new version for download.
  • Fish Lake – We have a new version of this for Mac.
  • Making Camp Premium – We’ve turned our attention to fixing bugs in preparation for our release soon.
  • Spirit Lake: Beginnings – Lakota – We have a new version of this game which should allow for a Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) installation. We’ve done an internal test build as well for our team to test.

All in a day’s work. We have deadlines everywhere for the upcoming school year, but the bug testing show must go on. Stay safe out there!

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