Making Life a Bit Easier

At 7 Generation Games we try to make things easier for teachers, at least as much as we can. With that said, we created a video where you get a general overview of 7 Generation Games after purchasing a classroom or school license.

You bought the games, now what?

Well, of course, now you receive access to all of our games. But that’s not all, included with your license, you also receive access to teacher resources and curriculum, data reports, our Game Design Program, and any new games released within the year of your annual subscription.

Our general overview video also covers what devices our games run on, our games’ age range, the math and history taught, which games are bilingual games, and more. Teachers often ask us how to register their students for our games, so we cover that information as well. Other important information we cover are how to access our Teacher Resources and data reports. For all of this helpful information and more, teachers if you have a school license for our games, then click on the video below to get a general overview of 7 Generation Games.

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