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My name is Hannah and I am the newest intern at 7 Generation Generation Games. Growing up, I always wanted to be an English teacher, but I am also interested in a career in digital marketing. I am a senior English major and Digital Humanities minor at UCLA. What is Digital Humanities, you might be wondering? Digital Humanities uses technology to solve humanities questions. In a way, 7 Generation Games is a digital humanities project since it uses online tools to answer questions about how we can teach students math and educate them about important aspects of history in a successful and enjoyable way. When I was looking for internships over winter break, I was so excited to see 7 Generation Games on UCLA’s job board because it combines my interests in writing, marketing, tech and education. 

When I’m not at school or the office, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, eating yummy food, writing articles for the UCLA chapter of Her Campus, and tutoring low-income students.

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Besides playing with the office puppy, Eddie, I spent my first week writing blog posts and testing games for the website. I was impressed with the high quality of the games. The activities were fun and creative. After tutoring low-income students, I became aware of how some students are so smart, but don’t do well in school because of the way they are being taught. I love 7 Generation Games’ innovative approach to teaching because their games have real benefits for students who are not being stimulated in the traditional classroom setting. My favorite aspect was that I felt like I learned a lot of Native American history after each session. It is truly remarkable and really empowering that 7 Generation Games is focused on teaching important history that is too often silenced in the mainstream classroom. 

I want to give a special thank you to AnnMaria, Maria, Diana, and Jose for being so welcoming and helpful. I am so lucky to be working for a company where the people value the work that they do and to be in such a wonderful and supportive work environment.

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