My Top 5 Native American History Video Resources

Before I started working here, my knowledge of Native American history was what I learned in middle school, basically a watered down unit on  The Trail of Tears. There is so much more history than what is taught in schools, –  and at 7 Generation Games, we work really hard to ensure that our content is not only authentic and accurate, but that it’s from voices and viewpoints you don’t often get in your textbooks. Here are 5 of my favorite resources so far! 

1. There’s More Than One Way to Fish.

I love this video because it educates about how Native American people used different techniques to catch fish. Yes, I am a vegan – however, I appreciate the ingenuity of the villagers. Many years ago, there were no McDonald’s or Starbucks or even grocery stores. So tribes had to “fend for themselves” as the saying goes, and they were very clever for discovering multiple ways to catch fish.

The Bear Clan

2. The Bear Clan. 

This video is GREAT because it educates about the culture of one of the Ojibwe clans. My favorite part about this video was learning that the Bear Clan members were the protectors of the tribe and lived on the perimeter of the village.

3. Social Structure. 

The Ojibwe clans were organized based on their animal totem. This totem was a very important part of a person’s identity, and designated what a person’s job would be in the village. This was interesting look into Ojibwe society.

4. Red River Cart. 

One horse could pull 1,000 pounds in a Red River Cart! Could you imagine having to haul a load that heavy? And then, of course, there’s loading and unloading the cart. But perhaps the most interesting part was the fact that the entire cart was made of wood and hide.

5. Dakota Tracking Ability.

I love this video because it educates about a very important skill people needed to have. Forget about there being no GPS, there weren’t even maps, meaning the ability to track was a necessity.  I think what stuck out the most to me was how travelers come upon another tribe and find someone they are related to!

Want to learn more about Ojibwe history? Check “Making Camp Premium”! (Oh yeah, and you’ll learn math and language arts, too!)


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