Next steps for Spirit Lake

Four things are happening in the next few months.

    • We are adding a level with fight scenes! This will be interesting because we want to make it authentic. One of our cultural consultants talked about how combatants in a knife fight would hold their knives and attack. We’re a bit concerned school boards might have a problem with knife fights, historically accurate or not, so we are looking more at fist fights or self-defense.
    • We are considering a scene where our main female character (Tasina, in Dakota), is attacked by the river and throws her attacker off of her. We’re having Ronda Rousey model the attack scenes for us. Of course, we are just going to use her for the rigging and poses as she’ll be replaced in the game with one of our characters. It’s not too hard to do. Basically, we use her poses and movements and put another “skin” on top of the character.
    • We’re fixing a lot of the back-end stuff. This won’t be visible to anyone but us, but it makes the game less likely to crash or have problems. The part of the game that handles storing the answers players give to questions and decides where to route them next is being re-written.
    • We’re testing the game and making it fully compatible with as many browsers as we possibly can. We’re starting with Safari and Internet Explorer and branching out to everything else.

Much of this work is funded by our Kickstarter campaign! Thank you for all your help.

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  • For $35 you can get a copy of the game with all of these improvements and more when it is released in September.
  • For $50 you can get the game plus a signed photo of Ronda Rousey in one of the game poses.