One of those politically incorrect posts I have to hide

My granddaughter calls me “hilarifying” – a combination of hilarious and terrifying.

If you backed us on Kickstarter years ago, you probably found our Family Textbook hilarifying. It’s a book of, you guessed it, our family group text. If you didn’t back us and didn’t get a book, you can still play along in this game of “Who said it?”

The sister who was shopping and did not do any editing

Our Kickstarter post five years ago used up the only PG-rated text we had. In fact, when I was searching my computer for texts, I just searched on the word “****” and I came up with such an unmanageable number that I had to change my search terms to “****!” and “monkey”.

Ronda had made so many politically incorrect and profane (but very funny) comments, that I suggested we replace her name  with a fictitious sister named Taniesha, who would get all of the blame, either that, or everywhere Ronda had texted anything replace it with “monkey, monkey, monkey” because I thought that was more amusing than “redacted”.

Howler monkey from Aztech Games

I thought it would be amusing to play a game here and see how many people can guess correctly out of me, Ronda, Jenn, Maria, Julia and Dennis who said what. Put your answers below and the person with the most correct answers will get a 7 Generation Games poster and a small packet of jelly beans – which happen to be 2 random things in my closet. If we get a lot of correct answers, I’ll have Cal pull a name out of a hat.

Put your answers in the comments below.

Who said it

Obviously, all of these are taken out of context. Some of these conversations were about raising a seed round while others were about … well, you’ll have to get the book.

  1. Eggplant is nasty and a liar because no egg is involved.
  2. I would think it would involve at least a plane, an alarm clock and whatever the female equivalent of an eggplant is
  3. Most people’s family mass texts consist of things like are you going to X random family member’s birthday party … they aren’t usually about jet lagged *** organs.
  4. It’s a nice prison, it has Starbucks.
  5. I have actually been in jail, but not lately.
  6. I’m pretty sure I have never expressed my true feelings about ducks in his presence.
  7. … my uterus thought I went into the future
  8. … teach him to fight? He’s an EMBRYO for God’s sake!
  9. The guy has a crab on his head.
  10. Never make any assumptions about someone you meet on the internet
  11. Wait, did you just reply angrily to yourself?
  12. I knew I birthed humanity’s savior
  13. “I know where you buried the body.” Then it’s a relief when it’s not about the person they murdered.
  14. Is she armbarring the dog ?
  15. It helps me make money, what does it do for you?

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