Our Gifts To You: Top 10 Free Resources For Teaching Math

We’re in the final days of 2015 and with that being the case, this is our last newsletter of the year. As the year comes to an end we cannot help but think back on all of our work and how much it has helped not only the game players but the teachers as well. 2015 was a whirlwind year, as we experienced new changes, challenges and growth. We rolled-out the beta of Forgotten Trail and our newest game, Aztech, is slated for a release in 2016.


Throughout the year we pushed ourselves to create and deliver the best educational, adventure-gaming content we could. It was a fantastic year and we are grateful for our 7 Generation Games community, for their constant support and feedback.

To show our gratitude we’ve put together a list of our top 10 math resources. Hope you can agree and use them in your lesson plans. These resources address problems teachers frequently encounter – teaching long division, division with remainders & equivalent fractions. Research supports our own experience that learning occurs most with multiple examples of how to apply new knowledge and opportunities to practice. Here are our top 10, in no specific order:


  1. PowerPoint РUsing Division РExamples of where division is needed to solve a real problem, using activities from the Spirit Lake game.
  2. Spirit Lake PowerPoint Presentation РLong Multiplication РA character from the Spirit Lake game gives a simple introduction to multiplying 2- and 3- digit numbers.
  3. Spirit Lake – Division With Remainders¬†– A pdf you can use as a handout or show on the smart board/projector as an example. How do you divide up the buffalo after a hunt. We’ll admit we liked this one in part just because it’s pretty.
  4. Division Terms Video¬†– Sometimes the problem isn’t that a student can’t solve a problem, but rather he or she doesn’t understand the question. What’s a quotient? Divisor? Dividend? Even adults can forget. This short, fun video is a reminder.
  5. Pretest And Posttest For Spirit Lake¬†– If you’d like your students to get practice taking tests online, they can take the Spirit Lake test. It’s all multiple choice, so it’s an easy introduction.
  6. Pretest And Posttest For Fish Lake (Fractions)¬†– What’s that you said? You’d like an on-line test that mirrors the Smarter Balanced assessment with fill-in-the-blank, explain your answer and all that dragging and dropping? Take the Fish Lake test.
  7. Fish Lake: Adding Fractions With Like Denominators РDownload a pdf story problem where two Fish Lake characters learn about adding fractions.
  8. Fractions On A Number Line Video¬†– A Native American grandfather explains to his granddaughter how her ancestors could have used “number lines”.
  9. Fish Lake PowerPoint РMixed Form to Fraction Form РOne of the areas where students frequently struggle is converting fractions to different forms, so we included a presentation with examples. This is adapted, with permission, from the Visual Fractions site, by Richard Rand.
  10. Fish Lake PowerPoint РRename To Lower Terms РAnother topic along the same lines, also adapted from Richard Rand (thank you!).



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And for every game you buy we will donate one to a low-income school.


If you are an educator in a Title I school, please email info@7generationgames.com regarding sponsorship.


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