Play the first level of Fish Lake and Spirit Lake for FREE!

Did you know that you can play the first level of two of our games for free? You can download the trial version of our latest game Fish Lake to begin your journey across the Great Plains and steer your own canoe as you navigate down the river.

Or you can download Spirit Lake: The Game and try to save your tribe from a sickness that is quickly spreading throughout the village. But you better hurry, before the epidemic spreads to your family. It’s up to you to save everyone!


Download the Fish Lake DemoFish Lake

Download the Demo

Fish Lake – tackles fractions while you migrate with your family across the Great Plains (based on the migration of the Ojibwe people to “the land where food grows on the water”). This game is full of side quests, Easter eggs and (of course) real-life math. This expansion of our virtual world includes activities suggested by our beta testers on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation and the Turtle Mountain Reservation.

For Windows the download link is Fish LakePCDemo_Installer.exe

For Mac OS X the download link is Fish Lake Demo Install.dmg


Download the Spirit Lake Demo

Spirit Lake

Download the Demo

We are pleased to present a demo of our Spirit Lake game that you may freely download. This demo consists of a portion of the first level of Spirit Lake. It omits some introductory material and stops midway through the first level. It does include the complete set of quizzes and math tutorials that are available when a student answers a math challenge incorrectly.

For Windows the download link is SpiritLakePCDemo_Installer.exe

For Mac OS X the download link is Spirit Lake Demo Install.dmg

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