Reality Show Experience – So Far 2

We have been meeting with people about producing a reality TV show based on 7 Generation Games. When this was being discussed, my daughter, Ronda, who had been on a reality show, emphasized very strongly,

“You need to have people come and film a pilot. You need to see what you are getting yourself into.”

It turned out to be very good advice. Even though I had been on a few commercial and TV show productions, it reminded me yet again how long everything takes. I am not a patient person and having someone spend 5 1/2 hours to get 6 minutes of video did not sit well with me.

Ronda was right in that it was extremely disruptive. It’s not just having people filming, that I can ignore pretty easily. I wrote a dissertation with three children under age 8 running around my desk, so my ignoring distraction skills are high.

No, they want you to STOP working so they can move this camera here, move that microphone there, so you can answer the same question for the fifth time.

There is always, “just one more” before they are done. One more take. One more time they need to come and film before they have enough. Nothing is ever done. It needs more editing, music added.

I think you could make a reality show about me yelling at people making a reality show.

Does this mean we are still planning to do it?


We make games that make kids smarter. We don’t have $100 million marketing budget to compete with huge textbook suppliers. This is one way to have people learn about us and what we do. And, as I said in the video, we’re awesome. You should check out our games.

You can see the rough cuts from the pilot on our YouTube channel here.

We also have a 7 Generation Games YouTube channel with educational videos. You can check that out, too.

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2 thoughts on “Reality Show Experience – So Far

  • Elaine

    I am surprised that Dennis allowed himself to be videotaped! To me, having Dennis blurred out would be awesome! I love how I can see,and learn about, the whole team. I am so proud! I feel you should at least judo throw one of the reality show techs one time. Just to teach them a lesson.