Recognizing Teachers Who Make a Difference

At 7 Generation Games, we have a tremendous respect for teachers. We are continuously in awe of the men and women who dedicate themselves to educating the next generation.

We know it’s not always easy. It means early mornings to get to class. It means late nights grading papers and doing lesson plans. It means paying for supplies out of your own pocket. It’s a job with little instant gratification and little pay, but where the work you’re doing could not be more important. When people look back on their lives, so often they remember a teacher who made a difference. We want to recognize the teachers you know who have had that impact.

Each month, we are going to honor a teacher who is making a difference. The teacher will not only get a small write-up in this newsletter, but will also receive a class pack (with a class license for both our games and a bunch of 7 Generation Games goodies to share with students) as a small token of our respect.

Please submit the names of any teachers who know for consideration. Just send an email with their name and a small paragraph on why you’re nominating them to

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