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At 7 Generation Games, we often talk about the impact our games have in terms of easily quantifiable data¬†like improved math performance scores. But statistics — and I know our CEO/resident statistician Dr. AnnMaria De Mars will even agree with me on this — are only one part of it.¬†We’re often asked what drives us and what inspired us to found 7 Generation Games. For me, the answer is stories like this one that I got in my email today. I asked the mother who sent this note along if I could post her email to me on our blog, not as a way to brag “Hey, we’re so amazing,” but because stories like these — stories we are getting from users more and more these days — are as essential a part of our story as the improvement data. When people ask me what it is that drives me to do, my¬†answer is stories like this one…

My name is Aliana Gonzalez, and I just wanted to let you know how much these games have helped my daughter.

My daughter was a preemie and didn’t speak well until¬†about the age of 4. She had a few delays, and once in Pre-K, her teacher felt she needed to be tested for learning disabilities. I knew nothing was wrong with her. I expressed she just learned differently. Feeling sad because she had to leave the classroom to go to another room where they would teach her differently, my daughter¬†didn’t like school anymore. So I did what any other mom would do, I Googled learning game. She never really took too well to any games until I found 7 Generation Games.

Although hard for her at first, she was very intrigued and would not set the game down! She pushed through and is now at the top of her class and in the midst of testing out of her grade! She’s back to absolutely loving school again and I honestly have you all at 7 Generation Games to thank.

Playing these games weren’t a chore or homework for her. It was fun for her, and she wanted to play non-stop because she said the games made her “smarter”. I got approached by both her old teachers and her current¬†one, and they asked what I did. I told them about your games and how much they helped her. ¬†Now, I have a meeting with the teachers, principal, and the board.

I can’t say enough good things, and so they asked if I would bring in the game. They’d like to try it out, and maybe have it as a part of the kids’ curriculum in school. I told them that would be their best move yet.

So again thank you all so much!

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