See What I Have to Put Up With

Some of our testers had suggested that we have a more dramatic event when the player got the answer right or wrong. I thought I would replace the existing image with something like this with maybe a farting sound effect. (Kids liked the puking in Spirit Lake that happens if you put in the wrong number of herbs for the medicine. Maybe they’ll like farting. Subliminal advertisement: Spirit Lake is available for Mac and Windows. )


I didn’t even get to the farting part because when I showed Maria the picture she started in with this:

  • Why is there a character who is not in the game and doesn’t match the background?
  • Where did he get a book so far from the nearest library?
  • Who is his orthodontist?
  • Is he maybe researching orthodontia?
  • Why is he drooling?
  • What about this says “wrong” to me other than the word WRONG?

See what I have to put up with?

So, I am back to trying to find something interesting that happens when you get it right and wrong. Suggestions welcome.

This is the current “right” screen on some of the questions. On others we have fireworks or a purring cat or a barking dog – it depends on where you are in the game. I think I will replace this with someone dancing the macarena. (You think I’m kidding but I’m not.)

Mom says right

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