Share Photos of Kids Playing Our Games to Be #7GenGamer of the Day

Do your kids and students love playing our games? Well, we love seeing them play our games. A picture is worth a thousand words and one of the most rewarding aspects of making educational games is knowing that kids are playing them. Recently, we have been looking for amazing teachers to feature in our newsletter and on our website to recognize them for all of their hard work. We also want to feature kids playing our games.All of March, we will be sharing a photo of the day dedicated to students/kids. Share a picture of your student/kid playing our games via Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram, and we’ll make your kid/student our #7gengamer of the day. 

A teacher sent us the photo below. 

Our intern, Irma, sent us this photo of her brother.

Here’s our CEO’s daughter playing Fish Lake.

You get the point. Now get your photo added among them. Email photos to

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