7 Advantages of Educational Technology

Babysitting my 10-year-old cousin is always a challenge. No, it’s not a challenge because he’s a bad kid. It’s a challenge because I have to get him to stop playing on his iPad and do his math homework. Anyone who has tried getting a kid to give up his or her iPad, especially to practice math, knows that this is no easy task. I practically have to rip the iPad out of my cousin’s hands. In fact, my cousin is so obsessed with his iPad that my aunt had to implement “iPad rules” in their home that limit when and for how long he can play. Parents, does this sound like a familiar situation to you? 

My cousin and I. Notice how sweet he looks when there isn’t an iPad around for me to take.

What if we could use digital games to teach math? Feel like you’ve heard this idea before? Well, you should because that’s exactly what we do here at 7 Generation Games. Studies have shown that using technology to teach kids has real advantages. Here are 7 benefits of educational technology: 

1.) Kids become digitally literate, according to The Edvocate.

Being comfortable using digital tools, like computers, is becoming an increasingly important skill in the professional and higher education world. Kids can easily aspire to become cyber security majors, with the right head start that will not be the only thing they become!

2.) Good edtech tools can effectively teach.

Let’s face it. Technology is inescapable and ultimately kids are going to spend time using it. Instead of watching mindless YouTube videos or games that have no real purpose, wouldn’t it be better if kids were actually learning something useful? Quality edtech can do just that. For example, in a research study that we conducted on our games, we found that students who had played our games an average of 30 minutes, twice a week, improved their math scores by 50%. 

3.) Kids become more engaged with what they are learning, according to The Edvocate.

75% of kids are bored with what they are learning. Edtech changes that by transforming the way information is presented to students.

4.) Parents and teachers can get automatic results on their kids’/students’ progress.

Part of what we love about the web is that it is almost instantaneous. News happens and you can find it online immediately – instead of waiting until the next day’s paper or the evening news. With edtech, you can get instant feedback. For example, schools and teachers who use our games get access to real-time reports on student progress so they can see what problems their kids need to focus on as well as the areas that they are improving. Edtech, when done right, can make the learning process better for teachers and students. 

5.) Kids get access to blended learning

At 7 Generation Games, we are firm believers that blended learning works.

6.) Technology makes learning fun

We travel around the country to get student feedback on our games. The students that play our games say that they make learning enjoyable. Just watch these kid interviews.

7.) Educational technology often incorporates games into learning, which has multiple benefits

Learning through online games strengthens a student’s memory, computer skills, and problem solving abilities.  




Interested in the idea of educational technology, but don’t know where to start? Games are a good idea. Check out ours. 

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