Small Business Saturday: Support Your Child’s STEM Learning with 7 Generation Games!

One of our main goals at 7 Generation Games is to make math useful and practical. How many times have you been in a real-life situation where someone runs in the room and yells,

“Hurry up, tell me what is the answer to 6 x 8? You have two seconds to answer or the world may end!”

Small Business Saturday: Support Your Child’s STEM Learning with 7 Generation Games!

Although we may not know each other very well, I will venture to guess that this situation has probably never happened to you or anyone else you know in your entire life. But for some reason this is how the majority of math problems are presented to students. This method is neither useful nor practical.

At 7 Generation Games, we believe in educating through a different method; through engaging kids in a way that they will actually want to learn. We have found that one of the most successful ways to reach children is by incorporating the curriculum into video games. This is why we create computer games combine math and history, in English and Spanish, that kids love to play.

We truly believe that the software we create can help change the way math is both taught and learned in schools and in homes around the world. We focus on providing children with the tools they need to succeed, which is why we wake up everyday to continue working on developing amazing educational video games.

eva on laptop
Our CEO’s daughter playing our games to make sure that they meet her standards.

Our company is a family-owned and -operated business that understands the importance of making sure that our games are not only fun to play for kids, but actually produce results. We found that students who played Spirit Lake: The Game for just eight weeks saw their math scores improve 30 percent. And we can assure that our games are fun to play as we have kids from all over the world (36 states and 7 countries to be exact) test and play our games to make sure that they meet their standards.

The games that we develop are aligned with the Common Core curriculum, regarding both math problem concepts and execution. We present students with the kind of problems that they will need to answer on the computer adapted tests.

Here’s an example of a scene that you will encounter in our first game, Spirit Lake: The Game. You want to save your entire village from an illness but you don’t know how many herbs to bring back to your village. One of the elders tells you that there are 8 people who are sick and each person needs 3 herbs if you want to heal your family. It’s up to you to gather the correct number of herbs to save your tribe.

See how we just slipped some math skills in there? We also incorporate historically accurate Native American culture and traditions in our games, instead of a fictitious story line.

Small Business Saturday: Support Your Child’s STEM Learning with 7 Generation Games!

Now for the big news. This Small Business Saturday, you can purchase our games for 40% off the regular price.

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