Sound editing internship at 7 Generation Games

In my time so far at 7 Generation Games I’ve had the opportunity to make a number of contributions to the sound of our games, such as: cleaning up and editing voice recordings, creating new sounds for the games, and batch conversion of audio files.

My most immediate contribution came in the form of improving the sound quality of previously recorded dialogue. Adobe Audition has proven a fantastic tool for this. Its spectral editor, in addition to displaying the presence and concentration of all frequencies, allows for surgical precision in targeting particular frequencies at specific points in time. Audition also features a very efficient noise reduction plug-in.

Below is the before-after of a voice recording I worked on:

I also used my personal favorite DAW, Pro Tools, to edit the timing of previously recorded voice-overs, removing unnatural pauses both between and in the middle of words, and in some cases adding short pauses when appropriate, to make the VO sound as natural and clear for the player as possible.


In addition, I used Pro Tools to record my own voice for a pair of cut scenes in Fish Lake. I then added nature ambience for the background, as well as a snake hiss sound I had previously made for in-game purposes.

It’s been a wonderful experience for me so far. Looking forward, I’m very excited to create the sound for our new games, as well as getting involved some of the in-game audio integration, powered by Unity.

– via intern Eric (aka “the sound guy”)

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