Throwback Thursday – Texts with My Daughters: Reebok Women Lunch

Going through our archives, we came across this great post by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars from March 22, 2016 “Texts with My Daughters: Reebok Women Lunch” that we wanted to share in case you missed it the first time around.

I have said many times that a great Christmas gift would be a book, “Texts with My Daughters”.  We have a family group text and many times it is pretty funny.

Take today, for example.

This text string was preceded by a discussion of the proper Spanish translation for “guinea pig”, recipes for cooking guinea pig and an admonition by me to leave my guinea pig the hell alone.

Ronda: Looking forward to seeing you guys today. I pulled my fancy watch out of the bank safe deposit box to look more professional.

Maria: Wait, is this a fancy thing? Like, I wasn’t wearing sweats but do I need to wear a dress?

Ronda: LOL. No, it’s like a brunch with grandma attire.

Maria: Ok. They sent us Reeboks to wear so I figured it was not suits/ ball gowns.

Ronda: I’m wearing Reeboks. I have like a Serena Williams look going.

Maria: Good, because my ball gown is at the cleaners.

Me: Since I am in fact a grandma, whatever I wear is grandma attire by definition. I’m going in footie pajamas – with Reeboks over them, of course.

Maria: Damn it. Now I have to change so we’re not twinning.

Jenn: What the heck are you guys doing?

Me:  We’re going to some Reebok lunch. Do you own any granny attire? Oh, wait, that’s what you wear to work – ha ha . You can borrow my Reeboks. And I thought you were in Oregon.

Jenn (who is inexplicably not in Oregon): No, I’m cleaning my house, smart alec – bring me free shoes.

Me: What color?

Jenn: Not ugly.

(Since “not ugly” is not a color, it is evident why Jenn teaches history and not art.)

Julia (who is in Calculus class): I don’t know what we’re talking about but free shoes – sign me up!

Maria’s Personal Stylist, Age Almost 8

Maria: Would a person wear jeans to brunch with grandma – like nice jeans, because I have been trying to determine what a Serena Williams look is and I got nothing.  Eva just picked out my outfit for me.

Ronda:  She wears dresses with sneakers.

Maria: Too late. You’re not the only one with a stylist, Ronda.

…. and those are just our texts when we’re getting dressed in the morning.

We finally managed to get dressed and out the door.

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