Three Videos we Love that Teach Long Division

Long division continuously tends to be an area students struggle in the most. While teachers could probably spend the entire year going over division in their classroom, they are often forced to move on to the next lesson sooner than many students need. When there is so much to teach and not enough time to teach it, how to do you make sure all your students are on track? One solution, is video learning. To help students get the extra instruction that they need, we recommend assigning students YouTube videos to watch for homework. Here are three of our favorite videos that teach long division.

1.) Solving Long Division by Us

We like this video because it gives students a strategy. By teaching students how to “guess,” we build students’ confidence by showing them that they have the skills to solve even the most difficult appearing problems.

2.) A different way to do long division-Math made easy by MooMoo Math and Science

We like this video because it shows students how to solve long division problems using a different method than the traditional “drop down” technique. Sometimes, showing students an alternative way to solve a math problem is the solution they need.

3.) Math Antics- Long Division with 2-Digit Divisors by Math Antics.

We like this video because it gives students good example problems as well as provides the complete steps of how to solve each individual example.





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