The Power of Team Work: Teachers Pay Teachers Feedback

Who can teachers trust more for classroom resources than other educators? Teachers Pay Teachers is a platform for teachers to share PowerPoints, videos, lesson plans, and any other classroom materials with other educators, including teachers, parents, afterschool care providers and homeschoolers.

Teachers can work up to 16 hours a day between prep, teaching and grading. Quality teacher resources make their lives easier by cutting their preparation time down significantly. Teachers Pay Teachers allow educators to work together to help each other. Many of our math and history resources are available on the Teachers Pay Teachers website, and everything we have on there can be downloaded free! Some of our resources already have almost 400 downloads and many received positive feedback from the teaching community.

Here’s what some of the other educators on Teachers Pay Teachers had say about their experiences with our activities:

Isabella G. called our Tic-Tac-Toe Game for Adding Fractions a “great game to play tic tac toe while practicing fractions.” An anonymous buyer said, “very cute game! Tic-tac toe + math game this is short and sweet. My kids liked to play it over and over again.”

Users also found our Math Skills Powerpoint on using division helpful. One person remarked, “I loved this short and helpful powerpoint especially because it had dictation as well.” Linda J said, “Thank you for creating and sharing this set.”

When reviewing our Problem Solving-Throw It Out Powerpoint one person said, “loved this power point! definitely great advice when problem solving that kids don’t normally know.”

After using our Compare Unlike Denominators PowerPoint, Teacher’s of The Stars said, “this powerpoint makes teaching students to compare unlike fractions much easier.”

Besides games and and power points, we also offer clip art. After downloading our Aztec and Maya Clip Art, Coach’s Corner said, “these images are beautiful – thanks so much!” For Such a Time Therapy commented on our Ojibwe and Dakota Clip Art and said, “thanks! Great detail!”

AnnMaria often visits schools to get both teacher and student feedback. We really appreciate your feedback because it adds value to the work that we do knowing that we are helping others.

Download our teacher resources on Teachers Pay Teachers today and be sure to comment your thoughts on the activities.

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