Looking for Cat Pictures!

Calling all cat owners, 7 Generation Games is having a cat contest! Do you have a cat as adorable as our intern Hannah’s (pictured below)? We need a cat character for our games and want your help for inspiration. If you’ve played Forgotten Trail, you might remember the part where Angie meets up with Brinley and counts cats. (If you haven’t played Forgotten Trail, then you should.) Or maybe you’ve played AzTech: The Story Begins and seen the cat in Xitlali’s room. (Get the app for free!) And maybe you’ve thought, “That should be my cat there!”

OK, you probably haven’t thought that, but your cat could go there. You may remember that a couple of years back, we had a contest to get your dog into Forgotten Trail. You can see the winner Sophie Marie depicted in the hilltop scene at the end of the game. At the time, we were just looking for a dog – much to the dismay of many cat people, who argued that cats are far superior and cuter too. (Edison disagrees, but we digress.)

Well, cat people – now is your moment. We are looking for a cat to feature in one of our upcoming games. The dog people really stepped it up when we did our dog search and sent us a ton of great submissions, but now is your chance to show your feline friend.

Email us a photo of your cat and he/she could be featured in one of our games. We will put together a gallery of all the submissions for our cat contest and the cat that our followers like most will win. Please send your photo to: hannah@7generationgames.com by March 9th to apply. From there, we will turn it over to the crowd – and the cat that gets the most votes will appear in an upcoming game. Enter as many cats as you like.

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