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Being a teacher is not an easy task. It isn’t just attending classes and assigning assessments. Being a teacher means getting up early, preparing for classes whether that’s lesson planning or getting classroom materials needed, correcting homework or tests until late, attending professional development and other meetings. All of that plus teaching while needing to be aware of every student’s needs. So we are constantly looking for ways to help them.

Some teachers have told us that, usually, they know their students don’t understand or are confused by looking at their faces while solving a math problem. Now that COVID-19 has become a pandemic, teachers can’t make sure that all of their students are learning effectively since students around the world are quarantined at home in order to stay safe. How can teachers make sure that their students understand what they’re learning? Don’t worry we’ve got you.

7 Generation Games not only provides videos and presentations that teach math and social studies. Educational resources include customizable PPT files and PDFs, educational movies, clipart, standards-aligned pre- and post-tests, curated links to additional resources across the Web and more. All resources are free to use and aligned with the concepts taught in our games. You can download these to teach multiplication, division, fractions or statistics whether you use our games or not.


7 Generation Games presents

Teacher Reports

Canoeing in Fish Lake, game to teach fractions                     Making Camp Premium logo

Fish Lake Teacher Reports              Spirit Lake Teacher Reports          Making Camp Premium

Making Camp Bilingual                    Sam hikes the Forgotten Trail in the rain

Making Camp Bilingual                       Making Camp Ojibwe                             Forgotten Trail

AzTech: The Story Begins - book on desk with picture of Mayan god-king          Mayan god king

AzTech: The Story Begins               AzTech: Meet the Maya

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