Student Progress Reports for Fish Lake

I’d love to see all the standards being addressed by the activities these kids are doing at home.

Educational Administrator

The person who made this comment was being sarcastic, assuming that little education was actually taking place. In some cases, that may be true. However, I want to give a serious answer to this comment.

Ojibwe woman running across lake, stepping on rocks
Does this not look like it’s a game aligned with math standards? Look again.

Want to know what fractions standards your students are learning? We’ve got you!

Fractions problems teacher report from Fish Lake
Teacher Report from Fish Lake

Just type in the username for your student playing Fish Lake and you’ll get the report above. It will tell you how many problems the student completed, whether each was answered correctly, how many times the student attempted a problem, on what date and whether or not they read the hint.

You can click the link at the bottom of the page (or, actually, here, since that’s actually just an image of the page above) to see what standard is addressed by each problem.

If you are a teacher using our games, you should get a newsletter from us on Monday that includes a link to the teacher reports for Fish Lake. If you can’t wait, or did not get the newsletter, email us at

Canoeing in Fish Lake, game to teach fractions

Want Fish Lake?

Fish Lake is available for free while U.S. schools are closed. You can get it for iPad or Mac or Windows computer.

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