Testing Evrybit at Unite 2014

So, here we are at Unite 2014, the conference for Unity 3 D developers, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to test out Evrybit, a mobile app for journalism. We are constantly begging people to be alpha and beta testers for us, so I thought I would return the favor. Expect posts this week as I learn more about Evrybit and Unity.

We arrived last night and Training Day is just starting.

What does maple-bacon cream cheese have to do with gaming? I tried it this morning because, in the words of the nice lady selling breakfast:

Anything that has little bits of bacon in it has to be good.

This reminds me of some people’s ideas on gaming. Teaching math? Add shooting stuff to it. Teaching spelling? Add shooting stuff to it. Kids like shooting stuff. Teaching religion? Add shooting stuff to it.

Another way maple-bacon cream cheese makes me think about gaming is that sometimes new combinations – like Native American studies, gaming and math – can be great in a whole new way.

I expect to see a lot of those new combinations this week. Training day is starting now with Unity 4.6 so, more later.

As for the maple-bacon cream cheese – it was just okay.

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