The Annual Dumbest Christmas Present Contest: Presented By 7 Generation Games 2

bass (the fish)At 7 Generation Games, we’re making games that make you smarter.

But there’s one time of year that we’re all about being dumb — and that’s on Christmas Day as we have a family tradition of holding the “Dumbest Christmas Present Contest.” The contest, just as the name suggests, is where we try to outdo each other by finding the dumbest possible Christmas presents. This year, we’ll be documenting the action with Evrybit — and you’re welcome to follow along!

This year is going to be a good one as the two traditional frontrunners – myself and Jennifer – are vying for the title. I, 7 Generation Games CEO Maria Burns Ortiz, won last year with earrings made out of moose poop. I had brought them all the way from Alaska where I attended NIEA 2014. In 2012, Jennifer was the winner with a squirrel coffee mug, which is exactly what it sounds like – a coffee mug for squirrels. As for the 2013 winner, there is some debate as to who was the winner – among other amazing selections, I had entered dog butt magnets and a pocket Mr. T, while Jen submitted some kind of pickled lizard limb and bacon-flavored dental floss. This year, there will be no debate – there can be just one winner. That said, AnnMaria (our company president) could be a dark horse and our youth alpha tester Eva will also be putting in a pretty strong entry. Who will emerge victorious? You’ll just have to come back here to see.

Also, did you wake up this morning and realize you forgot to buy someone a gift? Fear not. No one will ever have to know. You can still give 7 Generation Games – just go here, buy a copy and we’ll deliver it right to their email. Smart move.

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2 thoughts on “The Annual Dumbest Christmas Present Contest: Presented By 7 Generation Games

  • Elaine

    Awesome share! While I see where the marshmallow pizza is a calculated win, the unicorn pet hat and Justin Bieber singing toothbrush I feel deserve honorable mention. The stinky frog purse was my favorite. I could imagine Kermit the Frog sniffing the purse (:

    Its good to know I’m not alone in my dislike of marshmallows. The stuff isn’t even real!