The Intern Diaries: Devon 1 Chapter

WSam from Forgotten Trailorking at 7 Generation Games has been an amazing opportunity for me and I have been enjoying every second of it. Getting to play video games for a job has been my dream, being a part of creating a game, and working with amazing people has made my experience so great. All of the games are super easy to get into and are also really fun. Sometimes I also can get lost in time when I play the games because they can be very immersive. 

The games are also something that let me see the rough parts of a game that I don’t normally see inside of a finished and polished game. The games that I get to play here are always easy to get the hang of and I never feel like I am out of play while working. As time progresses the programming has been getting better and better making my job a lot easier, but I also feel like I am part of the process. I always have nitpicked video games as a passive thought, but actually being heard by the developers and having my opinion being taken into account makes me feel like being myself I can help.

My bosses are also another reason why I enjoy the job so much. They are always willing to help me if I have a problem with anything and help make the job a lot more fun. I have never had a problem that they couldn’t help me with and they have helped me learn so many things such as improving my PowerPoint skills, writing reports, and some other things.  I also enjoy getting phone calls and video messages from my bosses who I feel very comfortable to be around and talk to. They also help me with many of my problems that I run into with my tasks that they have me do. The amount of times that they would send me an email even if they were not on the clock makes me feel special and that I am a part of the team. The other people in the company have also been enjoyable to talk to for help and advice on what to do.

The third perk would probably be enjoying my dream overall due to how I am so excited that I can play video games for a living. I can also do it without worry of pleasing an outside audience like a YouTuber or streamer, but just getting to do this with not worrying about pleasing anyone makes me feel so fulfilled. The games are also fun and I can easily lose my entire time of work while testing one of the games. I always have heard from people that you should do something that you love instead of doing something that you hate for a ton of money.  I am happy though that I don’t have to sacrifice any of my happiness to work at 7 Generation Games.  If I were to try and sum up my time here I would say I have enjoyed every last second of it.

Editor’s Note: There are two Devons at 7 Generation Games. Devon 1 is Devon Clark, who is actually the younger Devon but he was hired first. Since I don’t have a picture of Devon 1, I have used Sam from Forgotten Trail. 

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Map from Forgotten Trail

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