Top Tips for Blended Learning

AGames collages we’ve mentioned before, at 7 Generation Games we are big supporters of blended learning. It not only helps kids learn the traditional subjects, but it also develops their technological skills which are imperative in the digital world we live in.

But, how do you even start incorporating blended learning into your classroom? We’ve put together a quick list for you and when you’re done feel free to check out our games which are a great way for kids to learn and have fun.

Identify Learning Objectives

This one might sound obvious but we need to start with the basics. Ask yourself why you’re doing this. Why would blended learning work in your classroom? What skills do you expect your students to develop by the end of the program? Your objectives will serve as your roadmap and help you cover the topics you need. Also, make sure to have an outline and a syllabus for your blended learning program. The outline will help your students keep track of their learning.

technologyConsider Allowing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Many classrooms lack resources especially when it comes to technology. But, many students at least have a smartphone. Rather than making kids put their phones away find a way to incorporate them into the classroom. You can also have them download educational apps which they can also use at home! At the same time, you want to remember that not every child may have a device – whether it’s a smartphone or even a computer at home. Make sure students who don’t have those resources aren’t excluded or made to feel bad about not having one. As with everything, when it comes down to it you as the teacher will know what works best for your class.

Use Various Media

We live in a 24/7 digital world so why not use different formats of digital media in the classroom? YouTube videos, audio clips, photos, websites, even text messaging! This keeps the students entertained and on their toes at all times. It will also get students thinking about content in different ways.

Kids playing in classroomGroup Collaboration

A major hesitation towards blended learning is the potential loss of social interaction. However, there are ways to incorporate both elements of learning together by using some online tools and apps that are already available. Chat rooms are a perfect example, have your students sign-up for a chat room where they can talk about a problem or question raised by you. Make social media your friend! People both young and old are on social media. Create a Facebook group for your class where they can share their thoughts and opinions!

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