The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Donate Games in Your Mom’s Name

This is me and my mom. What my mom would like more than anything this Mother’s Day is for you to buy 7 Generation Games!

It’s May! I bring this up because if you’re like me, you probably feel like it just kind of snuck up on you. One minute, it’s February. Now, it May. And that’s important to realize because it means that before you know it, Mother’s Day will be upon us!

Sure, it seems like there is a ton of time to get your mom something sweet and considerate and thoughtful, the perfect gift for the woman who raised you. Of course, it seemed like there was a ton of time until Easter, and now it’s already somehow behind us.

So what to get Mom? It’s the question in the back of your mind every time you have to get her something. A bouquet of flowers? Brunch somewhere expensive? A booklet of homemade coupons that are “good for 1 hug”? The answers, in case you’re wondering, are clichéd, maybe and no, unless you’re 5.

If you want to break away from the expected and get her something thoughtful, we’ve got the perfect thing: Donate a 7 Generation Games license in her name.

Kids sharing computer

Just one of the schools that received a donated license!

You can support a school, classroom or even individual student. The games will go to a low-income school, and your mom will get a nice email saying how her loving child (that would be you) has donated a license in her honor.

We will email your mom a receipt, and we will also email her a message that “your lovely child [your name goes here],” donated in her name as a Mother’s Day gift present.

To date, we’ve given out over 50 donated game licenses to schools, afterschool programs and libraries. Your support will help us get out games to even more kids who need them (like these kids) – something that we’re sure would make your mother happy.

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