Throw Back Thursday: Alpha Testing Fish Lake

Here’s a real throwback Thursday for you, the first time anyone outside of our pilot testers at Tate Topa (in Fort Totten, North Dakota) played Spirit Lake.

From Christmas, 2013 –

Mom, can I help with something?

(I think she meant making Christmas dinner.)

Yes, you can go upstairs and test this new thing I’ve been working on. It’s a game to teach math called Spirit Lake. It’s the first one we’ve made.

Ronda testing Spirit Lake

And I want you to do it wearing a Santa hat.

There was no reason for the Santa hat. It was simply the mother’s job to be as embarrassing as possible.

Next, Jennifer played and she was very sad because she had to shoot the wolves to pass Level 1. She felt bad for the wolves. I pointed out:

  1. They had rabies,
  2. The wolves were actually not real, but virtual wolves created out of pixels and code to move them around.

3 wolves

Ronda helpfully interjected that if they were real wolves with rabies, they would have no qualms about killing Jenn.

So, Jennifer finally did shoot them, but she did it sadly.

Jennifer looking sadly at the laptop

You can check out our first two game here. You can buy one for the modest sum of $9.99

Don’t have ten bucks? Too cheap to shell out? You can download demos here for free.

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