Throwback Thursday – Demo of Spirit Lake: The Game

Going through our archives, we came across this great post by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars from December 13, 2013 “Demo of Spirit Lake: The Game” that we wanted to share in case you missed it the first time around.

This is my day job. For those of you who thought I just spent my time teaching judo, encouraging people to play free rice and making smart ass comments, no.

If you like the game, it is on sale now for a measly $9.99 It’s fun to play and it teaches math.

Yes, I really designed and made this, along with Justin Flores (artwork), Danny Ochoa (animation), Maria Burns Ortiz (video dialogue and editing) and Dennis and I did all the programming. Smarter than I look.


Years later Spirit Lake was taken off the shelf and polished up. Spirit Lake: The Game is updated and now better than ever!  Enjoy Spirit Lake today.

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